Provision a custom picture library through Visual Studio solution

Practical Steps to Create Picture Library

This information is copied from Pavel Brokhman’s 2013 blog to preserve it in the event of removal of that article.

Create Content Type

  • Create new content type inherited from Picture content type
  • Add your own fields, if there are
  • Provision this content type to the site
  • Restart the Visual Studio
  • Proceed with the next steps

Create Document Library

Add Document Library

  • Add new item to the folder where you’d like to have new picture library
  • Choose List item and give the name to your library
  • When “SharePoint Customization Wizard” popup, set the name for the list and choose first option with Document Library in dropdown list
  • Click Finish

Add Content Type

  • Open new created document library in Visual Studio
  • Click Content Types button in Columns tab
  •  Delete Document content type from the list
  • Add your custom type to the list of the content types
  • Make it default and click OK

Convert Document Library to Picture Library

Add Picture Library Element Files

  •  Remove all html and aspx files from the library
  • Go to [15 hive]\Template\Features\PictureLibrary\PicLib
  • Add all aspx files from this folder to picture library in Visual Studio
  • Change the Deployment Type of those files to the ElementFile

Change List Definition File

  • Open Elements.xml
  • Set Type to 109
  • DocumentTemplate to 100
  • Save it

Change Schema File

  • Open Schema.xml
  • In the List node add next attributes ThumbnailSize=”160″ WebImageWidth=”640″ WebImageHeight=”480″
  • Add Node to your default Content Type reference
    <Folder TargetName=”Forms/Picture” />
  • Keep Fields node as is
  • Open file Schema.xml from [15 hive]\Template\Features\PictureLibrary\PicLib
  • Replace Views and Forms nodes with the ones from this definition file

Change List Instance Definition File

  • Open Elements.xml of list instance
  • Set TemplateType to 109
  • Save it
Provision a custom picture library through Visual Studio solution

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