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Our Process

Our modus operandi, at Integrano Technologies, is following the motto to serve the customer the best we can. And for this, we follow different methods and models such as the agile or the conventional waterfall that best suits clients’ requirements.

The Different Stages of Development That We Follow:

Both software and websites can be developed by using certain methods having provisions for customization, so as to meet specific business requirements:
  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis

    During this phase, all the relevant information is collected from the customer to develop a product as per their expectation. Any ambiguities must be resolved in this phase only. Business analyst and Project Manager set up a meeting with the customer to gather all the information like what the customer wants to build, who will be the end-user, what is the purpose of the product. Before building a product a core understanding or knowledge of the product is very important.
  • Design

    In this phase, the requirement gathered in the SRS document is used as an input and software architecture that is used for implementing system development is derived.
  • Implementation or Coding

    Implementation/Coding starts once the developer gets the Design document. The Software design is translated into source code. All the components of the software are implemented in this phase.
  • Testing

    Testing starts once the coding is complete and the modules are released for testing. In this phase, the developed software is tested thoroughly and any defects found are assigned to developers to get them fixed. Retesting, regression testing is done until the point at which the software is as per the customer’s expectation. Testers refer SRS document to make sure that the software is as per the customer’s standard.
  • Deployment

    Once the product is tested, it is deployed in the production environment or first UAT (User Acceptance testing) is done depending on the customer expectation. In the case of UAT, a replica of the production environment is created and the customer along with the developers does the testing. If the customer finds the application as expected, then sign off is provided by the customer to go live.
  • Maintenance

    After the deployment of a product on the production environment, maintenance of the product i.e. if any issue comes up and needs to be fixed or any enhancement is to be done is taken care by the developers.

Our Engagement Models

Our software development engagement models define the collaboration and level of controls and responsibilities. All our models are customized to meet budgetary requirements so as to deliver the best outcomes for your project.
  • Fixed Cost: If you have a project that is short, has well defined scope and all requirements are clear, than our fixed cost software outsourcing model is best suitable. Over here, we guarantee on time delivery of software as per requirements and cost, which were predefined. As per your requirements, we would appoint a team that would be best able to meet your expectations on time.
  • Time and Material: For clients whose requirements regularly changes and who wants dedicated developers to work only on single project our time and material model is the best fit. In this model, there is flexibility for client to add or remove resources as per fluctuation in requirements.


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