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Our cloud specialist’s help you in giving your unique business requirement the right direction, with custom applications and infrastructure.

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Microsoft Office 365 empowers your organization by driving collaboration and simplifies sharing at a price point that matches value without lowering margins.

Microsoft’s revolutionary platform combines their most powerful business tools under one umbrella, where uses can access critical business data through the cloud and on any device. Office 365 creates seamless top-to-bottom and bottom-up information streams that encourages communication and collaboration in the workplace by leveraging Microsoft’s cloud.

Being a one stop shop for all Microsoft related services, Integrano Technologies can help your business seamlessly embrace the cloud office productivity suite and eliminate all the overheads that comes with the on-premise software. With our Office 365 consulting services, we combine our hands-on expertise in Microsoft Azure and SharePoint together to offer you the best-in-class cloud-hosted solutions comprising of all the necessary Office 365 features.

Why Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Services is one of the most popular choice for organizations that prefer both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) computing models.


Microsoft Azure cloud offers virtualization through its mature Hyper-V technology. For smaller organizations, Microsoft Azure services entail tangible benefits from the economies of scale, whereas, for large-scale implementations, the services entail reduced IT maintenance cost and increased productivity.


Microsoft Azure server render comprehensive capabilities to your IT team to develop custom solutions and manage their design, development, and deployment. There is absolutely no need to purchase and manage any additional server hardware, software, security, storage or other network components used earlier to deliver custom solutions.

Our capabilities include :
  • Azure Infrastructure Services
  • Application Platform Development
  • Microsoft Azure cloud computing
  • Azure SQL & Data Storage
  • Azure Managed Services
  • Azure Migration Services
  • Active Directory Identity & Access
  • SharePoint & Web Farms
  • Microsoft Azure Consulting Services


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