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Integrano Technologies’s experts has been delivering all-round SharePoint development services to provide our customers with user-friendly, feature-rich SharePoint applications. Taking advantage of SharePoint’s flexibility, we create solutions that incite users to collaborate and help thousands of employees to fulfill their tasks successfully.​

Success Stories:

  • SharePoint-based intranet for a 5000-employee
  • SharePoint intranet for an school with 5,000+ employees/students
  • SharePoint public facing sites for number of schools

If your SharePoint challenge lies beyond custom development and you look for in-depth consulting services or need a reliable partner to carry out a turnkey project, please visit our SharePoint consulting pageand discover our approach to building up effective SharePoint solutions tailored to your business needs.

Guided by our customers’ requirements, we develop SharePoint solutions based on the platform’s best capabilities. At the same time, we understand that our solutions are created for employees’ convenience and not for developers’ sake, that’s why we focus on user experience during the entire development cycle.

Reliable architecture

Our SharePoint architects are experienced in building a durable architecture from scratch and improving the legacy architecture for it to respond adequately to a company’s changing scale.

We start our SharePoint development projects with a technical analysis of the existing infrastructure and software in use to offer an efficient architecture that will serve as the foundation of the solution’s vitality. As the SharePoint architecture is the key to its trouble-free performance, we design our solutions taking into consideration both your IT resources and the system’s requirements, in order to ensure the further sleek performance of the platform.

Custom development

We believe that every client deserves a one-of-a-kind SharePoint solution. That’s why we never limit our projects with customization of out-of-the-box features but offer custom tools both on premises and in cloud, which helps to marry the platform with customers’ particular business needs.

Unique branding

You don’t have to stick to SharePoint’s default design when you can make it your own. Our team of web designers and SharePoint developers will tailor your solution according to your corporate style and your requirements taking into consideration the latest web design trends. We will help you create personalized master pages and page layouts to add dynamic elements and custom navigation.

Timely maintenance

After the project is completed, we accompany our customers to give them our helping hand to:

  • Solve SharePoint-related technical issues
    Our target is to identify and fix possible software defects in the shortest time to make your users satisfied with the solution.
  • Expand your solution’s functionality
    Whenever you decide to enrich your SharePoint with new features, our SharePoint developers will help you to design, implement and test new functionality to make your solution even more engaging to work with
  • Ensure SharePoint backups
    Our SharePoint administrators can assist you in timely backing up your SharePoint manually or in scheduling and setting automated backups.


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